Are you friends with your kids on Facebook?

It is no surprise that so many adult conversations involve the Facebook accounts of their children.  When Facebook opened their user accounts to include non-college participants, the door was opened for anyone with a valid email address, which included children in their pre-teens and younger in some cases.  If you are a Facebook user, you realize that the visible content is not always clean and/or innocent.  Enter the need for parental control over childrens’ Facebook profiles. The real questions is: how often are these underage “Facebookers” really being checked on?

According to a recent report by market research firm Lab42, 43 percent of parents checking their kids Facebook profile pages daily and 31 percent check their profiles four to five times a week.  For those not checking as much, 92 percent of parents will see photo and status updates, wall content and more in the news feed (did I lose anyone here??) because they are “friends” with their kids online.

I use the term “friend” lightly, due to the nature of the relationship between parent and child on the social networking site.  If you require that your child’s Facebook profile maintain a wholesome and appropriate quality, be careful to watch the content being posted on your own site.  Set a good example, so your children will learn from you.  In this way, you are more of a PARENT and less of a Facebook PEER.

In spite of the interactivity and online engagement between parent and child, 24 percent of parents still reported a lack of Facebook proficiency. If you are a parent who needs help learning or understanding how to use Facebook, click HERE.

We at The Kink Team also have a Facebook page.  Click HERE to visit our site… Happy Facebooking!

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